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Please join us in a very special campaign in honour of Michele Rogalsky who recently retired from the School of Agriculture after more than a decade as Director. What better way to honour her deep impact on the School and Manitoba’s agricultural community than to support the newly launched School of Agriculture Endowment Fund.

This new fund will provide a critical pool of financial support aimed at worthy projects and programs consistent with the academic goals of the School. There will be an annual call to students and staff to submit projects that would enhance teaching and learning in the Diploma program. This could include projects that focus on experiential learning or agricultural technology; projects to increase Indigenous content and perspectives; student recruitment and retention projects; and even leadership opportunities.   

Michele Rogalsky’s connection to the School and the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences began when she herself graduated with a Diploma in Agriculture, and carried on through her years an instructor and then as the School’s Assistant Director. While her career took her on to other roles, her heart was with the School, and she returned to become its Director in 2011. Over the years, she has been a tireless advocate and mentor for students. Michele also served as an important connector between the University of Manitoba community, industry and government, and her expertise has been widely sought by colleagues and policy-makers. Her leadership and passion have resulted in many important advances in the School, from curriculum renewal to farm safety programming, from digital agriculture integration to indigenous reconciliation efforts. Michele has also been an active proponent of microcredentials to help industry professionals upskill for Canada’s dynamic agricultural landscape.

You can help us celebrate our friend, mentor, and colleague, Michele, by making your gift today. Your contribution will directly enhance agricultural education, experiential learning, student diversity and professional development in support of Manitoba’s agri-food sector.

School of Agriculture Endowment Fund

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End Date: November 30, 2022

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School of Agriculture Endowment Fund